Relai Bitcoin Session #21 with Vijay Boyapati: The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Vijay Boyapati was this week’s guest on the Relai Bitcoin Session. Vijay is a prominent Bitcoin advocate, a software engineer, and the author of “The Bullish Case for Bitcoin.”

In this episode, Vijay and Julian discuss what it entails to self-publish a bitcoin book and, of course, the case for bitcoin.

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The Takeaway

Vijay Boyapati is currently focusing his energy on promoting his self-published book “The Bullish Case for Bitcoin,” in which he explains why it is important for individuals to hold some of their funds in the world’s leading digital currency.

By self-publishing his book, Vijay has taken on the roles of publisher, marketer, and customer service rep to market his book to the Bitcoin community and the broader public.

While the disintermediation of a traditional publisher means more potential revenue for Vijay as an author, it comes with a substantial amount of work as he is essentially in charge of everything, from marketing to ensuring that books are being shipped correctly.

More Room for Bitcoin Books

There are several bitcoin books in the pipeline from notable authors that will his the shelf soon. However, given the strong demand for knowledge from Bitcoin’s lively community, Vijay believes that there is a lot of room for more.

For example, he believes that there is a market for bitcoin children’s books are there is currently only one on offer. He sees a market for five or six more as there are enough parents that want to teach their kids about the importance of hold funds in sound money.

There’s also room for more technical books as well as books targeting beginners, Vijay explains.

What Makes Bitcoin Valuable?

Austrian Economics teaches us that value is always subjective depending on the utility it provides to each individual, Vijay explains. When subjective values come together, we get a market price.

Bitcoin is also a form of money. Money is an intersubjective reality, which means it has value or power because we – as a society – have decided that it has value.

For example, gold is essentially useless but as a society, we have agreed that it has value. Therefore, it has been used as money for centuries, which has been highly beneficial to us.

With bitcoin, it’s the same thing. Collectively, a group of people who have come together has said, “Yes, there is value in this.” And because they believe that, it does have value. And as more people recognize its value, its value increases.

However, bitcoin’s value is not unanchored in reality. Bitcoin has attributes that make it useful as money, such as portability, fungibility, and scarcity.

People are adopting bitcoin because they look at the attributes it has and say, “this makes sense to me.”

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Disclaimer: None of this content constitutes investment advice. Always conduct your own research before investing in any digital asset.

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