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Relai is raising a new generation of long-term investors, by giving them simple, user-friendly, and secure access to Bitcoin.


Founded in Switzerland by Julian Liniger and Adem Bilican after they struggled to find a safe, hassle-free space for buying bitcoin, Relai is making bitcoin saving and investment accessible for everyone. The bitcoin-only app is designed to be simple and intuitive, enabling anyone in Europe to buy and sell bitcoin within minutes, with no need for registration, verification, or deposits.

Independently audited, and with over 300 million USD invested through its platform, Relai is giving consumers the chance to unlock new means of saving and investing.

125K+ Active
370K+ App
400M+ Total USD


Swiss Bitcoin App Relai Raises $4.5 Million

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Shitcoins are ‘garbage’

Shitcoins are ‘garbage’: Bitcoin-only brokers on freedom and finance

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Relai Introduces Monthly Zero-Fee Bitcoin Purchases

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Julian Liniger, Co-Founder & CEO

“Our team at Relai is looking forward to building a best-in-class product, delivering a seamless user experience and educating people about Bitcoin as the best savings technology ever invented.”

Julian Liniger, CEO Bio

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