We believe Bitcoin is the best way to save money. And at Relai we are raising the next generation of long-term investors by giving them a simple, user-friendly, and secure way to save Bitcoin.


Founded in Switzerland by Julian Liniger and Adem Bilican after they struggled to find a safe, hassle-free space for buying bitcoin, Relai is making bitcoin saving and investment accessible for everyone. The bitcoin-only app is designed to be simple and intuitive, enabling anyone in Europe to buy and sell bitcoin within minutes, with no need for registration, verification, or deposits.

Independently audited, and with over 400 million USD invested through its platform, Relai is giving consumers the chance to unlock new means of saving and investing.

Leader ship

Julian Liniger, Co-Founder & CEO CEO & Co-Founder Julian Liniger
Adem Bilican, Co-Founder & CTO CTO & CO-Founder Adem Bilican
Imo Babics, Relai Chief Marketing Officer CMO Imo Bábics

Advi sory

Lina Seiche - Relai Relai Advisor Lina Seiche
Joe Nakamoto - Relai Relai Advisor Joe ‘Nakamoto’ Hall
Daniel Prince - Relai Relai Advisor Daniel Prince

Relai Story


Julian joined forces with Adem. The young team started working on an idea of a hassle-free Bitcoin app at the F10 hackathon in Zurich, Switzerland.


After months of sweat, blood, and tears, the Relai app hit the app stores. We finished the year with a total trading volume of CHF 2 million.


We raised CHF 2.5 Million in Series A. The capital was used for building a Bitcoin broker and becoming a regulated virtual asset service provider. In addition to that, Relai 2.0 launched. Along with lower fees, more features, the new app came with entirely new branding and an even simpler user interface.


We worked hard to make our app better and better. We also added new instant payment options, available 24/7. Including VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


We raised USD 4.5 million, led by ego death capital, to strengthen our position as the leading retail bitcoin-only on-ramp in Europe. We also launched Relai Business, added zero-fee trading, and added a self-custodial Lightning wallet directly to the Relai app.


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