Update to Our Referral Structure and Minimal Investment Amount

In this blog post, we are introducing our new and improved referral structure as well as our new minimal investment amount limits. These new limits will help our users reduce on-chain transaction fees. These changes will be implemented this week.

The past few weeks have been exciting for the Bitcoin ecosystem. New yearly highs were reached. While this excitement is undeniable, it has also brought about an increase in on-chain transaction fees. To address this concern and further enhance your Bitcoin investment experience, we’re introducing changes to our referral program and minimal investment amount limits.

Read on to learn about our new referral structure and how our new minimal investment amount limits may affect you. 

What’s New? 

From next week, we’ll introduce changes to our referral structure and our minimal investment amount limits to help you stack more sats. The changes will be the following: 

Referral Program 

We are updating the payout schedule for referrals and re-introduce a minimum amount of 10 EUR/CHF for you to reach to be eligible for payouts at the end of the following month. 

We are also introducing a three-month cap on referral payouts –  You will earn 0.5% from your friend’s total investments, every time they invest and use your code, for 3 months. Your friends and family will continue to benefit from the fee reductions associated with your referral, maintaining a win-win scenario.

Note that while your referral code remains active indefinitely, and you can invite as many friends as you want, you can only earn a referral bonus for 3 months from each friend. This means you can earn from Friend A, who uses your code, for 3 months after he first started using your code. The same applies to Friend B, Friend C, and so on.

Minimal Investment Amount

To minimize transaction costs and optimize efficiency, we’re introducing a new minimal investment amount of EUR/CHF 25 This applies to single orders, new savings plans, and sell orders. Existing savings plans below the new minimum will continue to run. 

Why the Changes?

High transaction costs are an issue in every situation. After all, who wants to pay more, right? They’re especially painful if you have a small DCA stack and stack weekly or even daily. 

These purchases will inevitably increase your UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs) set and eventually hurt you with higher transaction fees once you send your Bitcoin to another wallet. These changes will help you reduce the transaction fees and help with your UTXO management. 

We’re also taking another step by implementing Lightning in the coming months. This, combined with the new minimal investment amounts, will reduce your transaction costs drastically. 

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