A New Version of the Relai App is Out!

This week, a new version of Relai is out! 

Read on to learn about what’s new in the latest version of Relai

Here’s What’s New!

My Investment

Relai users can now view the performance of their Bitcoin investment in more detail in the app’s new My investment section. 

In the dashboard, you’ll see an overview card called My investment, which shows you the market value of your investments. 

When you click on it, you will access the My investment page in the app. 

There you will find a detailed breakdown of your bitcoin investments, including:

  1. Market Value & Chart – The market value shows you the current value of your portfolio nicely illustrated by a chart. 
  2. Bought Bitcoin – This shows you the amount of bitcoin you have purchased. 
  3. Sold Bitcoin – This shows you the amount of bitcoin you have sold. 
  4. Current Investment – Shows your currently running bitcoin investments. 
  5. Total Profit – This shows how much you are in profit or loss on your bitcoin investment. 
  6. Performance – Shows you the percentage performance of your portfolio, calculated using TWR (Time-Weighted Rate of Return). 

Click here to learn more about the app’s new My investment feature. 

Unconfirmed Transactions

When you receive bitcoin, transactions will now appear in your Relai app even if they have not been confirmed yet by the Bitcoin network. 

Now, you will see the amount you receive as “unconfirmed” until the first confirmation has gone through. Then, you will see the amount you received appear as confirmed and as part of the total amount held in your wallet. 

UX Bug Fixes

You can’t build an app without a few hiccups. 

In this release, we have fixed a few small UX bugs that users have made us aware of, such as the checkbox that wasn’t visible in dark mode.

Here’s What’s Coming Next!

In the next release, you will see our new branding reflected in the app’s design. 

That means you will find a new look and feel to the app, which we believe will make it even more user-friendly for first-time Bitcoin users. 

We will also allow Relai users to receive Bitcoin price notifications when the price drops to alert them of the opportunity to buy bitcoin at a lower price.  

Remember to update your Relai app to access the new version! 


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