Investing in Bitcoin Without Identification Verification or KYC? Here’s How!

Privacy-conscious investors can use the bitcoin investing app Relai to buy bitcoin without the need for account registration, ID verification, or completing a KYC process.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how you can invest in bitcoin without KYC using the Relai app.

Investing in Bitcoin with Relai: Here’s How it Works!

Relai is Europe’s easiest bitcoin investing app made in Switzerland. The mobile app allows anyone in the Eurozone and Switzerland to buy bitcoin without KYC, registering an account, or providing ID verification.

The entire bitcoin buying process is so simple with Relai that it only requires three main steps:

  1. Download the Relai app.
  2. Put in the amount of bitcoin you want to buy (in EUR or CHF).
  3. Make a bank transfer to pay for your bitcoin.

And that’s it! That’s how easy a no-KYC bitcoin purchase can be.

Hold on. There’s more!

Relai also allows you to auto-invest in bitcoin, so that you can “stack sats” on auto-pilot using a recurring investment.

No-KYC Bitcoin Auto-Investing

DCA into Bitcoin

Arguably Relai’s most popular feature is bitcoin auto-investing, which allows users to invest in bitcoin on a weekly or monthly basis in a fully automated, hands-off manner by setting up recurring bank payments. As a result, Relai users can auto-DCA bitcoin to benefit from bitcoin’s potential increase in value over time without having to be too concerned with the digital currency’s volatility.

To start auto-investing in bitcoin with Relai, no ID verification or KYC onboarding process is required.

You simply download the app, put in the amount of bitcoin you want to buy weekly or monthly, and then set up a recurring bank payment to Relai.

That’s it!

That’s how easy automatic investing in bitcoin without identification or account creation can be.

To start buying bitcoin with Relai, download the app today.


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