5 Bitcoin Lightning Network Apps (LApps) We Love

Bitcoin Lightning Network apps (LApps) are applications that use a second-layer protocol called the Lightning Network to enable near-instant, low-cost bitcoin payments.

In this article, we have compiled a list of our favorite LApps that you may enjoy as well.

What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network (LN) is a second-layer scaling solution for the Bitcoin network that uses off-chain payment channels to process BTC payments.

As opposed to on-chain bitcoin transactions, LN transactions are not processed by the Bitcoin blockchain. They don’t require users to pay transaction fees to miners and wait minutes (or hours) for transaction confirmations.

Using the Lightning Network, you can send and receive bitcoin within seconds and only pay a few cents in fees to Lightning Node operators.

The Lightning Network went live in January 2019. However, the idea for the second-layer protocol was already presented in 2015 as a possible scaling solution for Bitcoin when Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja published a draft of the Lightning Network whitepaper.

Today, the Lightning Network boats 19,000+ nodes, 42,000+ payment channels, and a network capacity of 1,200+ BTC (around $60 million), according to data from 1ML.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Apps We Love

Bitcoin Lightning Network Apps (LApps) are applications built on top of the Lightning Network, typically designed for lightning-fast, low-cost bitcoin payments use cases.

Today, there are dozens of apps operating on the Lightning Network, which we are very excited about! Below, we share the LN apps we like the most.


You’ve probably heard of the popular online game Fortnite, right? Well, Lightnite is similar but comes with in-game bitcoin rewards.

In this Lightning Network-powered multiplayer battle royale game, you can earn bitcoin instantly every time you shoot an opponent. For gamers who love bitcoin, Lighnite is a welcome addition to the world of online multiplayer gaming.


If you a regular in Bitcoin groups on Telegram you may have seen LNtxbot.

LNtxbot is a bitcoin tipping bot and Lightning wallet that operates in the Telegram messaging app. You can top it up with bitcoin and use it to send and receive micropayments within the Telegram app. It provides a great way for newcomers to gain their first experiences using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.


Tippin is a Browser extension (available Chrome and Firefox) that allows anyone with an Internet connection to send and accept bitcoin tips via the Lightning Network on Twitter.

The Lightning Network app is arguable the most popular tipping app in the Bitcoin community on Jack Dorsey’s social media platform. Tippin also comes with a Lightning wallet. It’s another great way to experience the near-instant bitcoin transactions of the Lightning Network first-hand.


If you love Bitcoin and playing CS:GO this may be the ultimate bitcoin app for you!

ZEBEDEE Infuse enables you to play competitive matches for bitcoin whenever you want. There are no barriers to entry and you don’t need to wait around for tournaments.

You simply download the app and the ZEBEDEE Bitcoin Gaming Wallet to get started.

Lightning ⚡ SMS

At Relai, most of us work remotely. Therefore, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where messaging apps like WhatsApp or Slack are down but we need to send a quick message to the team.

For these situations, is an incredibly useful app! It allows anyone across the globe with an internet connection and a few sats to send a text message to any number in the world.

Before you can start using the Lightning Network you will need to get your hands on some bitcoin. To buy bitcoin within minutes and without ID verification, download Relai today!

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