Relai and Swissquote: A Powerful Bitcoin Partnership

Relai X Swissquote

We proudly announce that Relai has partnered with Swissquote Bank, the Swiss leader in Online Banking providing online banking and trading services. This partnership means everything from banking to exchange aspects at Relai is now under one roof – 100% made in Switzerland. Swissquote is the perfect partner due to its unparalleled reputation in secure online financial services, aligning perfectly with Relai’s commitment to offering a trustworthy and efficient Bitcoin investment experience.

This partnership strengthens our market position and expands our offerings to provide our customers with a seamless and integrated Bitcoin experience. Swissquote, known for its trustworthiness and excellent fee structure, perfectly complements our vision of a simplified and secure Bitcoin solution.


Swissquote is the leader in financial innovation and security in the Swiss banking sector, making it an ideal partner for Relai. Their expertise in digital banking and trading services is unparalleled, complementing Relai’s as-simple-as-possible approach to Bitcoin investing. 

Jan De Schepper, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Swissquote, explains: “Swissquote was the first Swiss Bank offering access to Bitcoin trading and custody and today offers broad and efficient access into Crypto Assets. We are proud to be Relai’s partner of choice for all financial services for digital and traditional assets and continue to serve our client optimally and further grow and develop the business together.”

“This partnership streamlines our internal processes and elevates the overall user experience. Swissquote’s robust infrastructure and commitment to low fees enhance our ability to offer competitive and efficient services. Together, we can combine the agility of a Bitcoin-focused startup with the solidity of a renowned banking institution,” says Julian Liniger, CEO and co-founder of Relai.


At Relai, we used the bear market to keep on building the best Bitcoin app out there. Moreover, we made significant progress. From adding new payment methods like credit cards to offering one 0% fee buy each month until implementing a non-custodial Lightning Network wallet right into the Relai app.

Now, we’re ensuring the Relai app looks and feels great and performs flawlessly when the Bitcoin bull market is in full swing. That’s why paying attention to what’s happening behind the scenes is vital. And with Swissquote, we’ve found the perfect partner. 

The reason we are excited about teaming up with Swissquote is simple: They are the best at what they do. They’re Swiss and have a Swiss banking license. They offer outstanding fees. In addition, we now have our banking and exchange services under the same roof.


As we celebrate a bullish last quarter of 2023, we’re preparing for the upcoming Bitcoin Halving 2024 and other positive developments like Bitcoin ETFs. We’re also thankful for our community’s trust and passion for Bitcoin. Our commitment to making Bitcoin saving simple, secure, and rewarding has never been stronger.

To start buying Bitcoin and experience our service, download the Relai app for Android or iOS.

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