Black Friday Giveaway: 0% Fees for 3 Months!

Black Friday Giveaway

As leaves fall, so do prices – Black Friday is upon us, and Relai is celebrating with an enticing giveaway! Five lucky winners will have the chance to buy Bitcoin for three months without any fees. A deal that gives your Bitcoin portfolio the boost it needs!


Each winner will enjoy buying Bitcoin at Relai without additional fees for a quarter of a year. This is a perfect opportunity to expand your Bitcoin portfolio before the upcoming Halving in April 2024.

Winners must meet the following conditions and will be chosen randomly.


  • Subscribe to our newsletter and get the most significant Bitcoin news and offers from Relai every Friday. You are also eligible for the giveaway if you have been subscribed to our newsletter (whether in German or English) for a longer period.
  • Make at least one successful Bitcoin purchase: No matter how big or small, every completed purchase between Tuesday, November 21, 2023, and Sunday, November 26, 2023 counts.


At Relai, we make saving in Bitcoin a breeze. Our platform requires neither complicated procedures nor deep expertise. All you need is the willingness to invest in your financial future. Our goal is to make access to Bitcoin as uncomplicated and user-friendly as possible. Therefore, our app is designed to enable people of all experience levels – from beginners to seasoned investors – to manage their Bitcoin portfolio effortlessly and securely.

Our focus is entirely on Bitcoin. Relai is a dedicated Bitcoin platform, and we are convinced that Bitcoin is much more than just an asset – it represents the future financial system. By focusing exclusively on Bitcoin, we guarantee you a service that is unmatched in quality. There are no distractions or unnecessary complications with us, just pure and clear Bitcoin investments.


At Relai, we work hard not only to provide you with the best and easiest app for buying Bitcoin. We believe that solid knowledge about Bitcoin and finances, in general, is essential to take control of your future.

Specifically, we have launched a series of entirely free initiatives to advance education about Bitcoin:

  • An exciting ebook that teaches you the basics of Bitcoin in just 10 minutes.
  • A 21-day email Bitcoin crash course, where you receive one lesson each day.
  • A weekly newsletter that informs you every Friday about the most important Bitcoin news and which you must have subscribed to for this giveaway.
  • A podcast, personally recorded by Relai CEO Julian Liniger, featuring exciting personalities from the Bitcoin space.

Are you ready to buy Bitcoin and save big? To start buying Bitcoin, download the Relai app for Android or iOS.

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Raphael Schoen

Raphael Schoen

Raphael is a former journalist, content strategist, and author. He wrote a book about Bitcoin and regularly shares his thoughts on X. Follow Raphael on X


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