The complexity of scaling Bitcoin with Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin educator, developer, entrepreneur, and author of Programming Bitcoin and The Little Bitcoin Book. 

In addition, he’s a Bitcoin fellow at Blockchain Capital, a lecturer at the University of Texas, a speaker at Bitcoin conferences, an avid open source contributor, mostly in Bitcoin, and the instructor of a 2-day workshop for programmers, Programming Blockchain.

He was introduced to Bitcoin by buying $100 worth of beef jerky back in 2013 for 0.25 BTC. Unfortunately he was also scammed out of 2 BTC with a Alitin Mint Adam Smith coin and knew from that moment on, that he needs to dig deeper and learn more about the ecosystem. 

Jimmy’s goal is to bring sound money to the world. Bitcoin is the one chance at defunding and decentralizing the power of the oligarchy. Making more developers for the ecosystem is his passion.

In this conversation with Relai CEO Julian Liniger, Jimmy talks about his experience in teaching fellow developers, what it takes for the Bitcoin community to succeed and why he’s so bullish on Bitcoin. 

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