A New Version of the Relai App is Out!

New Version of the Relai App

Our developers work hard day and night to build the easiest and most user-friendly Bitcoin app globally. As a result, we release new versions of the app regularly.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Explained

Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Bitcoin transaction fees are an integral component of the Bitcoin network, but they can be somewhat confusing for new Bitcoin users. 

Is Buying Bitcoin with Relai 100% Anonymous?

Buying Bitcoin with Relai Anonymous

Arguably one of the most compelling features to use the Relai app to buy bitcoin is that you don’t need to complete an identity verification process before making a purchase. 

What’s New in Relai 2.0?

relai 2.0

On November 22, 2021, we launched the new and improved version of the Relai app, which we dubbed Relai 2.0, to make investing in bitcoin even easier.