We Partnered With EHC Biel to Bring Bitcoin to the Professional Sports World!

It’s time to put Bitcoin on the big stage and have as many eyes as possible on it! This is why we partnered with EHC Biel and sponsored their ice hockey team to have the Bitcoin and Relai Logos visible in every game this coming season.

Read on to learn why we decided to sponsor an ice hockey team, what we plan to do with our digital ad space, where fans will see the Relai and Bitcoin logos, and what to expect in the future.

Zurich, 28th June 2024

We proudly announce our sponsorship of EHC Biel, a prominent Swiss professional ice hockey league team. This landmark partnership marks the first time EHC Biel has welcomed a Bitcoin company as a sponsor, and it is also the first venture of us into sports team sponsorship.

It is also another way of bringing Bitcoin into the world of professional sports. Sports and the Bitcoin community have a lot in common. Both are enthusiastic communities and want to push boundaries and achieve the impossible. 

No matter your background or where you come from, you will be warmly welcomed in both communities. Our sponsorship will now help connect the Bitcoin and sports communities while bringing the Bitcoin logo to Switzerland’s biggest ice hockey league. 

Simon Widmann, Sales Manager of EHC Biel, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to welcome Relai as our new bronze sponsor. This partnership demonstrates the modernity of EHC Biel, providing a platform for young, innovative, and forward-thinking companies. We believe that collaborating with Relai strengthens our club and opens new opportunities for our fans.”

Julian Liniger, our CEO, shared his excitement about the partnership: “As a Biel resident, supporting EHC Biel is, of course, a matter close to my heart! But it was also important to me that we bring the Bitcoin logo to the top Swiss ice hockey league to create more awareness for Bitcoin. I’m looking forward to entertainingly presenting the Relai app to the +6,000 fans in the stadium and +100,000 viewers on TV. ICI C’EST BIENNE!”

This collaboration between Relai and EHC Biel is poised to bring numerous benefits to both communities. For EHC Biel, this partnership represents an opportunity to align with a cutting-edge technology company, highlighting the club’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking. For us, sponsoring a beloved local team provides a unique platform to engage with a passionate audience and promote the adoption and awareness of Bitcoin.

Fans of EHC Biel can look forward to exciting new initiatives and engagements made possible through this partnership. From exclusive offers to unique fan experiences, the collaboration promises to enhance the overall fan experience while promoting the benefits of investing in Bitcoin.

We and EHC Biel are excited about this partnership’s potential and are committed to working together to achieve mutual growth and success.

Without you, Relaier, this wouldn’t be possible, and we know our community is cheering us on every step of the way. 

Here are some ways you can help us grow even faster:

Download the Relai app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today to start buying Bitcoin.

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