Bitcoin Intro in 10 steps

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Bitcoin Introduction in 10 steps

  1. Read the “Bitcoin One Pager
  2. Download the “Relai App” and buy your first Bitcoins
  3. Develop a feeling for sending and receiving Bitcoins: Download the “Green Wallet” to your smartphone (link) and send Bitcoins from the “Relai App” to the “Green Wallet”
  4. Understand first basics: “Private/Public Key“, “Addresses”, “Wallet Backups thanks to Seed-Phrase
  5. Study own Bitcoin transactions in a block explorer
  6. Buy another sum with “Relai App”
  7. Read the Bitcoin Standard
  8. Create a Bitcoin savings plan with more familiarity to buy Bitcoin regularly
  9. Buy a “Bitcoin-only” hardware wallet (e.g. BitBox02), send Bitcoin on it and implement a secure storage and inheritance strategy (link)
  10. Test and expand your Bitcoin knowledge with:
  • “Twenty-one” Podcast (Link)
  • “Understanding Bitcoin” Podcast (Link)
  • “Simple Crypto” App (Link)
  • Books by Aprycot Media (Link)
  • My upcoming YoutTube Channel (Link)

Of course, there are many different ways to get started with Bitcoin. But I personally give beginners these 10 steps to take along the way. You can of course also use other providers, apps and books, the only important thing is that you find a good mix of practice and theory.

Would you like support in getting started with Bitcoin and someone who can answer all your questions? Then take a look at my seminar offer. I look forward to supporting you on your way into the Bitcoin world!

Credits go to Daniel Schnurr (@schnurr_daniel, for his template and inspiration.

Read the original contribution by Marc Steiner here:

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