Support a good cause when you trade bitcoin

Pay lower transaction fees and support a charity or a non-profit organization with every bitcoin trade.


UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein

We have joined forces with UNICEF to improve girls’ access to schooling in poverty- and conflict-affected areas through activities including the construction of schooling facilities and provision of teaching materials to create the conditions enabling girls to stay in education. We will donate a percentage of revenue from every transaction that uses the discount code UNICEF.

Support Unicef by using the code UNICEF for trading on Relai

The Bitcoin Development Fund

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF)’s Bitcoin Development Fund, supports software developers who are making the Bitcoin network more private, decentralized, and resilient so that it can better serve as a financial tool for human rights activists, civil society organizations, and journalists around the world. We train activists, engage in public education, and fund open source development.

Support the Bitcoin Development Fund by using the code HRF for trading on Relai.

Rainforest Foundation

The Rainforest Foundation helps protect the incredibly rich biological diversity of the rainforest and the cultural integrity of the peoples whose lives and livelihoods are inextricably linked to those forests. By working with indigenous communities to gain control of their ancestral lands we have helped protect 28 million acres of rainforest.

Support the Rainforest Foundation by using the code RAINFOREST for trading on Relai.


Input the amount you want to invest. You can start with as little as 10 EUR/CHF


Add the code UNICEF to the ‘Referral code’ field in the investment preview and complete your order


They will receive 0.5% of the invested amount, and you saved 0.5% on your transaction fees

Any questions?

Donations will come at no cost to Relai’s users, who simply opt into a referral code scheme, whereby the users’ transaction fee is reduced by 0.5% and Relai will donate up to 50% of the revenue collected from every opted-in transaction.


Currently, you can support UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein, The Bitcoin Development Fund, and Rainforest Foundation US. Other charities and NPOs will be added soon.


During the buy process, you can enter the code on the “Investment preview” screen in the field “Add referral code”.

During the sell process, you can enter the code on the “Payment details” screen in the field “Add referral code”.

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