Zero-Fee Stacking Is Here: Buy Bitcoin With 0% Fees

It’s time for zero-fee stacking! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of zero-fee bitcoin purchases for our rapidly growing user base. You’ve heard it right, we’re now offering one free bitcoin purchase per month by charging 0 percent fees for one order of up to 100 CHF/EUR. So, strap in, and let’s dive into what […]

Meet The Rockstar Advisors Joining The Relai Team!

Relai Advisory Board

We’re thrilled to announce that four prominent educators in the Bitcoin space have joined Relai’s rockstar advisory board. Lina Seiche, Gigi, Joe ‘Nakamoto’ Hall, and Daniel Prince are now part of the Relai family, offering their invaluable expertise and support to help us grow and stay true to our mission. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Let’s go: We broke all kinds of records in Q1 2023

Relai broke records in Q1 2023

We’re excited to share that we at Relai have shattered previous records in our best quarter yet. With an impressive 215% year-on-year growth, we’re continually working towards making Bitcoin more accessible than ever before. So, buckle up and join us as we take you through our journey, celebrating milestones and looking forward to what’s next! […]

A Short Update Regarding the Relai App

Relai App Store Update

In this blog post, we want to update you on the temporary unavailability of the Relai app in the Apple App Store. We are in the process of resolving the issue, which includes working with Apple and temporarily disabling the selling functionality within the app. Update: Good news! The Relai app is back in the […]

We Raised $4.5 Million To Make Relai Even Better

Relai Funding Round

We’re on a mission to let you take control of your future. In other words: Making buying bitcoin as easy as possible—real BTC, no bullshit. Stacked directly in your own non-custodial wallet. Now we’re excited to announce that we’ve found great partners like Jeff Booth’s ego death capital and others to turbocharge our growth. Read […]

Introducing Relai Business: Buy Bitcoin As A Company

Relai Business

Companies and businesses can now buy bitcoin within one day. Discover how Relai Business can help your company buy bitcoin. Our over-the-counter (OTC) solution offers expert guidance, fast and easy onboarding, and access to exclusive content and webinars.

We Are Not Europe’s Easiest Bitcoin App Anymore

bitcoin app relai

Spooked by the title? Bear with me. I believe our brand is one of the strongest assets as a company. We spent considerable effort last year evolving the Relai brand. I believe a strong brand will differentiate us from our competitors, increase the value of our company, and, most importantly, a well-established brand builds trust and loyalty – as a Bitcoin app and startup, this is paramount.

Bitcoiners Unite: Become A Relai Angel Investor

Relai Bitcoin-Only Funding Round

Disclaimers: No guarantee The investment in Relai you may or may not make is your sole responsibility, and its success will depend on a great deal of factors, many of which are beyond anyone’s control. The information presented by Relai is merely indicative and cannot guarantee any results. Investing in startups involves a very high […]

We Celebrated Our 2nd Anniversary – And Are Just Getting Started

On July 3rd, 2020, Relai was launched with a clear mission: to become Europe’s easiest bitcoin investing app. Since then, the team has grown from just two people with a vision to 18 full-time employees, turning the dream into reality. Now, we are working hard on making Relai even better.