Relai Bitcoin Podcast #28 with Guglielmo and Nick: Loyal Relai Users

Podcast 28

In this episode of the Relai Bitcoin Session, we are joined by Guglielmo and Nick who are regular users of the Relai app. They share their experience with Relai as well as their views on Bitcoin and its impact on society as a whole

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The Takeaway

When someone is interested in buying and HODLing bitcoin, finding a way to do so seamlessly can be hard. Both Guglielmo and Nick have found that their bitcoin purchasing experience with Relai has made them “ambassadors” of the app to anyone in their close circles and beyond. They find that the app has made their process of purchasing bitcoin – a cryptocurrency they both believe in – easier.

Why Relai?

For Guglielmo, the defining moment as a Relai user was when he had purchased a large amount of bitcoin. After his purchase, he received a notification on his phone that it would be safer to store the large amount of bitcoin in a cold wallet, instead of on the Relai app. The notification also specified which cold wallet he can use. This showed him that Relai has its users’ safety in mind, as compared to other apps which wouldn’t advise users to transfer bitcoin out of their app. 

This kind of transparency coupled with the minimal KYC, which encourages privacy, and the short time it takes to purchase bitcoin makes Relai a winner for Guglielmo and Nick.

Nick, a Relai user who works for a traditional fund management firm in Switzerland, loves the Bitcoin DCA function provided by the Relai app.

He is a believer in people being able to own and control their own assets and prove ownership, something that bitcoin provides. And so, he buys bitcoin on a regular basis through Relai’s automated DCA feature. This automated feature allows him to set up a weekly purchase schedule to passively his bitcoin holdings. 

Helping Others Get into Bitcoin

For both Nick and Guglielmo, bitcoin is a tool of personal and financial freedom. They also both recognize the potential of bitcoin becoming the future currency of the world. 

Since they are both early adopters of bitcoin, they also help people around them get into bitcoin. When asked how each of them believes that they can reach out to those around them to learn about bitcoin, and consequently Relai, they said that social networks are important.

For instance, Guglielmo got introduced to bitcoin by his friends who were into technology. Now, he helps his friends and family sign up to Relai and purchase their own bitcoin. Nick believes that the way he and bitcoin-related companies and exchanges should be speaking to people interested in bitcoin is through segmenting the market and speaking each group’s language. 

“We really need to segment the market and approach them with a different story. That is going to help reduce friction to the adoption [of bitcoin].”

To start buying bitcoin, download the new Relai app today.

Disclaimer: None of this content constitutes investment advice. Always conduct your own research before investing in any digital asset.

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