Relai Bitcoin Session #25 with Samson Mow: Only Bitcoin Matters

Samson is the Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream, one of the world’s leading providers of Bitcoin solutions. He is also the CEO of Pixelmatic, a triple-A game development studio. 

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The Main Takeaways

Samson Mow is a firm believer in the ability of Bitcoin to change the world. Even more so, how it can influence the way the global economy works.

The Future of Finance Will Be Built on Bitcoin

On the podcast, Mow stated that he thinks that the future financial system is going to use Bitcoin as its base. This financial/economic system will also have numerous aspects such as stocks, equities, games with digital currencies, NFTs…but all of them can/will be built as layers on Bitcoin. 

This future system is already unfolding in the present, with developments such as Liquid and the Lightning Network making bitcoin available for people and organizations all over the world, including those that have in the past been underserved by the current financial system.

These developments are things that Mow thinks are great, and will help to drive hyperbitcoinization, making bitcoin a currency that can be used in different scenarios; from buying a cup of coffee to making high-volume B2B transactions at little costs and fewer delays.

When it comes to how Bitcoin shapes his professional life, Mow explains how both companies he works with (Blockstream and Pixelmatic) are influenced by the digital currency.

Pixelmatic, for example, is looking into how to integrate in-game currencies into the games they are building. This will help gamers to be able to earn from playing, be part of an interoperable metaverse, and enable atomic swaps between different games, all enabled by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Adoption and the Road to Hyperbitcoinization

“[…] These are things that I didn’t think would happen for another 3 years”, Samson Mow said as he expressed surprise at the recent developments that are affecting Bitcoin, which include El Salvador making it a legal tender and an increased interest from other countries to also make bitcoin a legal tender.

He did not expect these to happen so fast, but due to the rate at which they did, it shows him that hyperbitcoinization is only a short time away. 

When it comes to global bitcoin adoption, Mow currently sees it moving in a positive direction. Through Blockstream, he is contributing to this growth by guiding teams that are taking part in different parts of the Bitcoin ecosystem, from mining to building financial products.

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Disclaimer: None of this content constitutes investment advice. Always conduct your own research before investing in any digital asset.

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