Relai Bitcoin Session #20 with John Vallis: Bitcoin is Hope

John Vallis was this week’s guest on the Relai Bitcoin Session. John hosts the Bitcoin Rapid Fire Podcast, where he likes to dissect Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related topics through a philosophical lens.

In this episode, John and Julian discuss how Bitcoin changes people. Often, the transformation can be best described with just one word: hope.

You can view the episode on YouTube.

Alternatively, you can tune in on AnchorFM.

The Takeaways

John Vallis started his Bitcoin Rapid Fire Podcast because he felt somewhat alienated as the only bitcoiner in his circle of friends. He wanted to talk to other bitcoiners to exchange thoughts, ideas and to hear their stories. That was the reasoning behind launching how his new popular podcast.

Total Self Sovereignty

After interviewing countless thought leaders, experts, and “normal bitcoiners” like himself, he has become more interested in the personal development aspect of Bitcoin. Many bitcoiners find themselves changing once they learn concepts such as self-sovereignty, and John is interested in talking to people about how Bitcoin has changed them.

“I think Bitcoin is the first-ever thing that gives you that total sovereignty over something. […] So I think that instills in people a responsibility but also a new sensation and then, it causes them to look at other areas of their life toward their health and their relationships. All these places where they say, where could I establish, if not total sovereignty then, at least, greater sovereignty?”

Bitcoin is Hope

John believes that for many people in the world, the outlook is very negative now. As a result, many people struggle to see much value in the future, which leads people to become nihilistic or depressed.

But once people see what Bitcoin represents and that it’s a fix for the main component of many of the world’s problems, people’s idea of the future starts to dramatically change.

“If you can fix the money, as we say in Bitcoin, you can fix the world.”

Once people start to see the relationship that money has with other aspects of society, they start to see a more hopeful future on the horizon, John believes. And with a new outlook and a better understanding of how the future can be fixed with the help of Bitcoin, people start to look at other areas of their lives and start to improve them.

“I think hope is the primary complement of what’s foresting these transformations [in bitcoiners].”

People Don’t Think About Their (Fiat) Savings Melting Away

John goes on to explain that most people don’t think about the fact that their savings in traditional currency are slowly melting away due to inflation. They are on a hamster wheel and think that the anxiety that this produces is normal.

However, John believes that if you have that anchor of certainty in your life (by holding savings in bitcoin), it changes people in positive ways. It allows people to explore new aspects of themselves and new areas in life because they are not dictated by the fear and uncertainty that comes with living purely off fiat currency.

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Disclaimer: None of this content constitutes investment advice. Always conduct your own research before investing in any digital asset.

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