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Storing Bitcoin
Shift Crypto - BitBox
Douglas Bakkum, Co-Founder & CEO of Shift Crypto AG

«We see Relai as a valuable addition to the Swiss Bitcoin ecosystem and are pleased to be working with a company that shares similar values: Empowering users to become financially independent while maintaining a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use. For those getting intoBitcoin, the combination of Relai and the BitBox02 offers an exciting way to begin their journey.»

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Understanding Bitcoin
Marc Steiner
Secure assets, financial freedom, gain new customers

«My passion is not only technology. I love to use my many years of knowledge as a researcher and developer to pass on topics in a simple and understandable way. As a family man, I always act very responsibly. I focus exclusively on Bitcoin as the largest and most important cryptocurrency.»

Tracking Bitcoin
The Leader for Cryptocurrency Tracking and Tax Reporting

«CoinTracking analyzes your trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of your coins, realized and unrealized gains, reports for taxes and much more. With the prices for 9380 coins and assets, you’ll always have a complete overview.»

Taxing Bitcoin
Track, Manage, and Report All Your Crypto Platforms In One Place

«Portfolio Management Platform with a Crypto Tax Solution. Accointing allows you to import your transactions through API or CSV, track and analyze your performance, classify your trades, optimize your taxes, and generate a tax report.»

Buying Bitcoin made even easier
Your new Best Financial Friend

«Everything in your hand, always and everywhere. Your app with Swiss account and Visa Debit Card. Pay, transfer and withdraw money online and offline worldwide. Secure, cheap, fast and easy. Now in your App Store.»

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