Instant SEPA Is Here: The Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin in Europe

Instant SEPA
Our mission is to be the easiest and most user-friendly Bitcoin app. With the latest update, we can tick off a major box on our roadmap: Instant SEPA transactions for EUR bank accounts. This means that there are now 0 bank fees for euro deposits, plus your order will be exchanged near instantly. Plus: You’ll receive a 10 EUR/CHF bonus when you set up a new auto-invest plan with at least 100 EUR/CHF per order.

The whole team worked hard on this update, so we’re happy to share some details about the latest release of the Relai app for Android and iOS.

Buy bitcoin in a couple of minutes with Instant SEPA

Gone is the hassle of waiting multiple days for your euro bank transaction to arrive at our swiss bank account. Thanks to our new EUR bank account, you can directly send your euros there, plus you’ll benefit from Instant SEPA, which means that you can buy bitcoin within minutes at Relai. Buying the dip has never been easier.

Set up an auto-invest plan and get a 10 EUR/CHF bonus

To celebrate the launch of Instant SEPA, you’ll receive a 10 EUR/CHF bonus when you set up a new auto-invest plan with at least 100 EUR/CHF per order. This means that when you eg. set up a 100 EUR monthly buy, you will receive bitcoin worth 110 EUR (minus fees) when the first order is executed.

The bonus can only be claimed once per wallet and IBAN and will be credited when you receive the bitcoin of your first auto-invest order.

Please note that the auto-invest plan bonus is for new users only. You can find more information about the terms and conditions on our support page.

Improved onboarding and more to come

But wait, there’s more: On top of the newly added SEPA Instant, we’ve improved the Relai app on several fronts. Most notably, we made getting started with the Relai app even more accessible and smoother, and we’ve also added some minor fixes.

And the best thing? We won’t slow down anytime soon. This summer, we have a lot more upgrades coming: a better user experience for our referral program, a general overhaul of the whole Relai app user interface, and additional payment options.

Remember to update your Relai app to access the new version!

To start buying bitcoin, download the Relai app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today. 

Disclaimer: None of this content constitutes investment advice. Always conduct your own research before investing in any digital asset.

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